Our business is understanding your business.

Let us deliver your next successful technology venture.

About Us

Technology is overwhelming, that is
why you need us as a partner.

Epics & Stories

We use your business jargon to describe your project. Never feel left behind by your technology again.

Priorities & Change

Business does not stand still. Prioritize and re-prioritize (a.k.a. groom) your stories for your business' best outcomes.

Two-Week Sprints

Every two weeks we supply the project progress demonstration and your team provides the feedback.

Course Corrections

Save money and time by issuing early project feedback and corrections ensuring business needs are met.

Our Process

We'll introduce you to Our Process. Don't be surprised if it becomes Your Process.

  • Plan - Describe a feature by identifying the Who, What, and Why
  • Prioritize - Elevate and promote the features the business yearns for
  • Execute - Build it with proven and recognized technology
  • Review - Confirm quickly that the vision has been met
  • Deliver - Release the accomplishments to your customers and business partners
  • Repeat - That was easy...let's do it again

What We Do

We build the application your customers want and that your business needs.

  • Web Applications
  • Branding
  • Infrastructure/Hosting
  • Network Consulting/Planning
  • Disaster Avoidance
  • Copywriting
  • Technology Strategy

Our Toolbox

Take a look at what we've put into our toolbox. We use industry leading tools the way they were intended.

Great Projects

We've been lucky enough to partner with some great companies and events.

Open Source

A textbox that will guess the date you want and assign it to your model or query-params.

An Ember add-on providing a text-box that autosizes to fit the supplied/keyed content.

An EmberJs addon allowing you to quickly and conveniently create a Bootstrap3 Popover.

An EmberJs addon allowing you to quickly and conveniently create a Bootstrap3 Tooltip.

Three helpers optimized to format numbers according to the website visitor's locale.

Several helpers optimized to format dates natively according to the website visitor's locale.

News & Articles

Cybertooth.io open source project releases, opinionated articles, etc. Enjoy

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