CircleCI-1.0 Configuration Example (Ember-2.13+)

I’ve not enjoyed my experiences with TravisCI; false positives and inconsistent build failures have plagued me. I moved over to CircleCI and haven’t really looked back. However, to get there I had to configure my Ember Add-ons to build efficiently in that environment. I’ve created this simple gist of my CircleCI configuration to share with any other interested parties.

CircleCI-1.0 Sun is setting…

I strongly recommend you being using CircleCI-2.x as 1.0 is being retired in 2018.


  • Ember-2.13+
  • CircleCI-1.0

It is worth noting, when my add-on was Ember-2.12 or lower, it would fail to build on release (2.14), beta (2.15), and canary.